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Here's Why Your Shopping Center Should Rent Portable Toilets For The Parking Lot

As the owner of a shopping center, you know the importance of making sure that there are plenty of restrooms available to customers. Not only is it the law, but it's also a crucial aspect of keeping your customers happy. Here are a few good reasons to rent portable toilets for the parking lot of your shopping center.

Accommodate Everyone 

Instead of turning people away who don't plan on purchasing anything in your store when they need to use the restroom, you can allow them to use the outdoor portable restrooms and keep them happy so they're more likely to come in and purchase something next time they're in the area.

And you can cut down on foot traffic through storage and employee areas where your indoor restrooms are likely located by designating the portable restrooms for customer use and the indoor restrooms for employee use only. Make sure that at least one of the portable toilets you make available to the public includes a wheelchair accessible model to ensure that you can meet the needs of everyone in your community when they visit your shopping center.

Enhance Safety and Security

Because customers and passersby won't have to travel through your store to use the restroom, you can rely on enhanced safety and security for not only people but also the stores in your shopping center. There will be less of a chance that someone will be hurt when using the restroom if they do so outside at their own risk instead of indoors where the liability sits on your shoulders.

And when people don't have to walk through your stores to access the restroom, you are sure to reduce the risk of theft or vandalism as time goes on. Locate your portable restrooms near a main entrance to your shopping center where it's well-lit at night, and make sure that at least one security camera is installed in the area. You should also consider locking the restrooms up outside of normal business hours.

Cut Down on Labor Expenses

Renting portable toilets for the public to utilize will also help cut down on your overall labor expenses throughout the year. Instead of relying on your in-house employees to keep the restrooms clean, you can count on the company you rent the restrooms from to keep them clean for you. Even if you have to pay a fee to have the rental company maintain your portable restrooms, you should still save money over paying your own employees to do the legwork.

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