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Construction Dumpster Waste Management: Tips for Planning Your Project

If you are getting ready to take on any kind of construction project, from new construction to home renovation, you have to address your waste disposal issues. Having the right disposal tools will help to ensure that you are able to manage all of the waste on the project site properly and without subjecting yourself to fines or other issues. As you're preparing the site for work, here are some things to think about related to your waste disposal needs.

Know Your Recycling Options

Before you can effectively handle your waste disposal for your construction project, you need to know how much waste you'll actually be dealing with. Part of that is knowing what materials you will have that can be recycled. The more you can recycle, the less you'll have to deal with paying to dispose of.

You can recycle all sorts of construction material, including things like broken concrete, carpeting, shingles, glass, metal, and structural wood. Insulation can also be recycled sometimes, so talk with your construction company about the types of insulation in the house and whether or not it's recyclable.

You also need to know if the recycling company will need to have the materials separated before pickup, or if you can put it all together in a waste container and have it collected together. Making sure it's sorted properly may be important, so talk with the workers on-site if that is a requirement.

Consider What Type of Waste Will Be Left

Once you have identified how much of the waste material you can recycle, it's time to assess what will be left. That's the best way to make sure that you're choosing the right dumpster for your needs.

For example, if you are clearing a lot to prepare for new construction, you'll need a yard waste dumpster. These are usually smaller units, and they are designed specifically for landscaping waste materials.

If you are dealing with traditional home construction materials, like remodeling or renovation materials, you'll need to have a construction dumpster. The waste in these dumpsters must be limited to construction waste, like drywall, lumber, flooring, and similar waste material. You cannot, however, dispose of things like landscaping debris or concrete in these dumpsters.

Heavy waste dumpsters are crafted for heavier, stronger waste materials, like steel, concrete, and similar materials. You can also dispose of dirt and brick in these containers. However, the dumpster rental company may have limitations that require that you not place any other construction materials in the dumpster, so it may mean that you have multiple types of dumpsters on-site to handle all of the waste.

Evaluate the Amount of Waste

After you have determined what you can recycle and what types of materials will be left, you need to then determine how much of that residual waste you'll have to dispose of. This is an important consideration and one you need to get as accurate as you can for your budgeting purposes.

Remember that your construction waste dumpsters will typically be rented at a cost either based on size or weight. Make sure that you talk with the dumpster rental company about how the charges are calculated so that you can budget it accordingly.

Avoid overloading your dumpsters, because that is likely to result in extended disposal fees. You may even face additional charges for being overweight or for having to manually reduce the load volume in the dumpster.

The more you understand about your construction dumpster needs, the easier it will be to complete the project successfully. Talk with your local construction dumpster rental company today to see what your options are and to get your project started.

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